What is skirtfit.com?

Skirtfit.com is an on-going, completely free and open attempt to catalogue every size kayak cockpit rim ever made.  Ideally the information here will help you choose the best skirt for your needs.

Why would you want to do this?

Because there are literally hundreds of different rims out there, with new rim shapes coming out every year. Even the same model boat can change rim sizes from one year to the next.  It’s simply too hard for one person or company to track this accurately. The result is that finding the correct size spray skirt for a given boat can be hit-or-miss. By making this a community-driven project, we hope to have the most accurate skirt information possible, and ultimately make spray skirt shopping much, much easier.
Please submit your cockpit dimensions to us if they are not already available here at Skirtfit.com

I see that you use not only  length, and width but also circumference in your chart- Why circumference?

Because often times length and width are not enough info to establish a good fit. A skirt that is 19″ X 34″ can have a circumference anywhere from 84″ to 90″ depending on it’s shape- that’s a big difference. Length and width will get you close, but circumference is the icing on the cake.  Watch this video to get a better grasp on this concept.

Who runs this site and why?

Effort Inc, administers this site in the interest of assisting the entire consumer food chain in buying the most appropriate skirt for their cockpit.  Whether you are a store owner or end-consumer, Skirtfit.com is a valuable tool and resource for you.  Skirtfit.com is a collaborative effort, contributed to by people in the kayaking industry, and open to anyone. The information contained here is for anyone’s use. Just ask, effort.tv@gmail.com if you need any help using this site. Skirtfit.com is here to make skirt shopping- and selling-  easier for all of us.